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Rental Property Advertising

You Must Have Professional Photo’s.

It will cost from $200 and up and you could even get a video to post to You Tube and Other Websites. In today’s digital world everyone starts the process of finding a home to rent or buy sitting at a computer. And this makes professional pictures and video a must have priority. Don’t cheap out here!

Ad Copy

Companies spend billions of dollars on formulating ad copy trying to get us to buy their products. There are mountains of books and expensive courses dedicated solely to crafting words that move people. Don’t cheap out here either. The words you write need to motivate people to call you before anyone else. Write – Re Write – Study Other Ads – Get Second and Third Opinions – Re Write – Re Write…

Your Professional Photo’s and Ad Copy will be used in all your online advertising and printed flyers and can be re-used whenever necessary. Which adds to the return on this investment.



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Investing in Apartments

Many investors have thought about apartment buildings, but just do not know where to start. They have perceived barriers in their way, and simply never get started. This is a shame because apartments are one of the most profitable places you can invest, and one where you can start with very little, and grow your wealth fast.

I have worked with some of the top apartment owners in the country, and they all share several common traits.

Here are the most important things you need to keep in mind when investing in apartments:

  • Always be learning.
    All of the most successful investors I know are constantly working on their education. They are also all voracious readers and read several books per month. This commonality is not at all surprising because it is a trait found in successful people in all areas of business. If you are serious about getting started investing in apartments and becoming a success, you will need to dedicate yourself to education on the subject. Sign up and read the industry trade
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Real Estate Virtually

Internet has a major role in pacing up our lives almost on every front. The emerging virtual world of the real estate is a good example of it. People prefer to search for a product online before they actually buy it and it applies to property search as well. Online property search is catching up fast, be it a residential or a commercial plot, building, flat or office space. A customer can view all the options available on the internet and shortlist those which are relevant to his needs.

So for people, who want to sell or rent property, it’s an advantage to be on the internet because-

  • It’s a cost effective medium as compared to other advertising mediums like the newspaper or the TV.
  • Gives you more space to describe your property than a print media classified ad where you are being charged for each column centimeter.
  • You ad has a longer life on the net and can be viewed for months unlike a newspaper ad, which fails to survive beyond one day.
  • Buyers

Rent for Lifestyle, Leverage for Investment

If you ask any REAL investor about this, they will tell you – that they have plenty of home loans for their investments, but rent the roof over their head! In fact, we have spoken to more than a few successful investors and they all have this in common. Only after achieving financial freedom did some of them get a home loan for their dream home.

So why were these people doing the exact opposite to what we have been told? The truth is, you don’t need to get a home loan to have a roof over your head. You should be using your savings and the banks to generate income for you. Wouldn’t it be better if your investments pay for themselves and your rent? (PS: That means you’ll be living for free!) Of course, you will have to be mindful to find the right deal, i.e. the positive cashflow property deal, one that gives you positive net income post expenses! They are not easy to find, but once you know how to do the numbers – you will not look back!

Best tip for all aspiring investors – is to use as little of

When Buying an Apartment

First off, you are going to want do some research – preferably online. It is much easier than using a newspaper as it provides you with accurate picture and details. Once you’ve started going through a few different locations, you should start to think about budget.

Determine which elements are essential within the neighborhood you want to live in. Are you willing to sacrifice anything you cannot have? A great list to start off with includes bus stops, parks, clubs, shops, subways, or restaurants.

Once you have figured out which location you feel as though would serve your needs correctly, take a tour of it with the seller. Ensure you ask any and all questions you have.

You should make a small list while walking through the place of any damages or repairs that will need to be done. It is common for the seller to fix these in order to strike a deal; otherwise, they will knock the cost down a bit.

It is an excellent idea to get a grasp of how much your monthly bill will be when living here. Simply ask the seller for an approximation of how much the

Purchasing Industrial Property


Residential property investment is actually relatively low risk and as a result, low return. Commercial property includes a higher return but this comes in a higher risk. For instance, a flat or device will average a come back of 5% whereas commercial property, such as the warehouse, may average 8%.


The higher risk comes as higher vacancy rates. Let’s make use of the warehouse example. It could take a while to locate a new tenant for the actual warehouse, many months and possibly greater than a year. Conversely, finding a brand new tenant for your residential property will require generally a week or even two.

Duration of rents

Residential leases tend to become for six or 12 several weeks. However, commercial property leases are usually for a much longer time period. It is not uncommon to possess leases that are to have an initial five-year period, using the option to renew with regard to another five years, after which another.

Quality of renter

The tenant is obviously an important part of your home investment. In commercial home, a government or large corporate tenant is recognized as a ‘blue chip’

Benefits of Using a Quality Property Management Company

  • Higher Quality Tenants
    One of the many jobs of a property manager is to find quality tenants to fill vacant properties. They thoroughly screen applicants by examining factors such as their rental history and credit score, calling their references, and even interviewing them to determine if they would be a good tenant. This process ensures that properties are filled with desirable tenants who will take care of the space, make their payments on time, and produce a steady income for the property owner. Management companies have vast experience sorting through applicants, and can spot warning signs and red flags easily.
  • Shorter Vacancy Cycles
    The owner isn’t making a profit if their property isn’t occupied. In fact, unless they own the property outright, during times of vacancies owners typically have to make the mortgage payment out of their own pocket. When a property is occupied tenants’ rent can be put toward the mortgage payment or used as income. Property management companies take care of marketing and advertise properties to the appropriate audience and see that the vacancy is filled.
  • Better Tenant Retention
    Tenant turnover requires additional time and money to clean, market and fill the space, all

Get Involved in Real Estate

Get educated

Before venturing into the sector, it’s essential to get educated. Many colleges hold real estate classes where you get to know the finer details about the sector. Even if you don’t enroll yourself in any course, keep a close eye on the latest events in the market. Read business newspapers, journals and make the sector your passion. Watch out every development in the sector and analyze them.

Start interning with a real estate developer

To know the tricks of the trade, start interning with an established property developer in your area. Observe how they handle clients and close a deal. Working with an agent will clear many doubts and give you practical knowledge about the sector. At the same time, it will help you to set up contacts with different people involved in the segment.

Know your area well

To get started, research your area well. Know the market trends in your zone and the prevailing prices of residential and commercial properties. Accompany a realty broker to find out about properties on sale.

Have adequate funds

Realty projects involve a huge amount of money. With time, land, labor and

Documents to Check Before Buying an Apartment

Take a look at the title deed:

Check the title deed of the land on which the apartment has been constructed. The title should be clear and marketable. The title deed (proving ownership of the land) needs to be in the hands of the seller of the apartment.

The title deed gives you the history of ownership of the land. Who the previous owners were? The change in ownership of the land (as it is transferred between owners as a gift, sale or an inheritance).

Check the sale deed of the apartment:

A sale deed of the apartment gives the seller the right to sell. It transfers the ownership of the apartment from the seller to you. Make sure that the seller of the apartment has the sale deed (The right to sell the apartment to you).

You the buyer will have to pay the stamp duty and the registration charges.

The building approval plan:

The building needs to have the approval of the Municipal Corporation (Government approval).

The seller of the apartment has to register the documents with the Municipal Corporation to get the necessary approval.

Make sure

Remember When Buying a Short Sale Home

Seek the lender’s approval on the short-sale

The house is being put in this tag because the owner has failed to update his payments on the mortgage. The lender has all the legal rights to pursue the remaining amount out of the financing scheme in which the sepller and the lender agreed earlier as a deal. Work out with the lender because they will usually see a short-sale as a rather favorable move than a foreclosure.

Foreclosures brings back a house to the lenders stable of properties. This means they have to shell out considerable amount of money in a monthly basis for maintenance and property taxes. If you’re thinking on the bright side of it, you can easily see that a short sale will look better for a lender. Maintenance and property fees will be out of the lender’s shoulders. It will also be far more favorable in terms of affecting the lender’s reputation and stats.

Work out with a reliable real estate agent

Short-sales should never be considered as a DIY endeavor. It is very technical and complicated. It involves a lot of negotiations not only with the side of the seller

Ways to Convert Your Home

Adopt Home Insulation Methods

Reduce the use of home cooling systems like coolers, air conditioners, and so on, and still keep your home cool during summers by using few simple methods.

Insulate your home to keep the heat outside during summer days and the warm air inside during the winters. Paint the roof with reflective paint for minimum heat absorption into the house. Use double glazed windows and vinyl window frames instead of aluminum to prevent unnecessary transfer of heat. Using blinds on windows during summers will keep the glare out and keep your home cooler.

Get New Energy Efficient Appliances

The older an appliance is, lesser will be its energy efficiency. Replace these appliances with newer models, especially those having Energy Star certification, and make an energy-efficient home.

To save on your water consumption, get low-flow equipment like low-flow showers and washing machines, low-flush toilets, and so on.

Plant More Trees

Planting more trees around any place provides better heat regulation. If you have enough space, you should plant deciduous trees around the eastern, western, and southern walls of your house. These sides receive the most sunlight.

Planting a

Buying Property in Costa Blanca

Furthermore, if the cost of a second home still seems prohibitive, look at it as an investment; villas and apartments are in constant demand, so you would even be able to partially cover your costs by renting it out as a holiday home and maybe, just maybe, your little gamble could become an excellent source of profit.

So what sort of apartments and villas are available? Well, there is a range of properties to suit just about anyone looking to buy property in Costa Blanca, from single-bedroom apartments in new builds, to luxurious mansions.

For example, if you are looking to buy an apartment in Costa Blanca, the smallest available are the Las Rocas apartments in Ciudad Quesada. At around 33 metres squared, they are too small for a family, but perfect for a couple, and come with beautiful views of Quesada. Built in the traditional Mediterranean villa style, the complex comes complete with a communal pool and garden, so if you do not fancy venturing beachwards, you can stay and relax in and around the apartment. Furthermore, the apartments are within walking distance of shops, restaurants and a country club, allowing inhabitants to enjoy a

Present Your Low Offer to a Seller

The most important thing to remember is that you are attempting to solve a problem for the seller. They have a need to sell. You buy properties and, if the two of you can reach an equitable agreement, you both win.

Anytime you talk with a seller, spend most of your time listening. Your goal is to find out their situation, why they need to sell the property, and make an offer that can, hopefully, solve their problem. I always explain to our clients, “I may not have your best solution, but I am ‘a’ solution.”

Once you’ve completed your due diligence for the property and have calculated your offer, present your real numbers to the seller in a way they are able to understand what you can offer and why. Never just throw out a low number and expect them to understand without being offended.

It’s easy – determine what you can offer, then simply write out the process you used to come to your number. That process becomes your presentation to the seller.

For example, start by writing down their asking price. Next, deduct anywhere from three to seven percent (depending upon