Rental Property Advertising

You Must Have Professional Photo’s.

It will cost from $200 and up and you could even get a video to post to You Tube and Other Websites. In today’s digital world everyone starts the process of finding a home to rent or buy sitting at a computer. And this makes professional pictures and video a must have priority. Don’t cheap out here!

Ad Copy

Companies spend billions of dollars on formulating ad copy trying to get us to buy their products. There are mountains of books and expensive courses dedicated solely to crafting words that move people. Don’t cheap out here either. The words you write need to motivate people to call you before anyone else. Write – Re Write – Study Other Ads – Get Second and Third Opinions – Re Write – Re Write…

Your Professional Photo’s and Ad Copy will be used in all your online advertising and printed flyers and can be re-used whenever necessary. Which adds to the return on this investment.


Use a professional quality lawn sign and sign post similar to the signs Realtor’s use to advertise homes for sale. Add a Sign Topper or Sign Rider with the URL …


Investing in Apartments

Many investors have thought about apartment buildings, but just do not know where to start. They have perceived barriers in their way, and simply never get started. This is a shame because apartments are one of the most profitable places you can invest, and one where you can start with very little, and grow your wealth fast.

I have worked with some of the top apartment owners in the country, and they all share several common traits.

Here are the most important things you need to keep in mind when investing in apartments:

  • Always be learning.
    All of the most successful investors I know are constantly working on their education. They are also all voracious readers and read several books per month. This commonality is not at all surprising because it is a trait found in successful people in all areas of business. If you are serious about getting started investing in apartments and becoming a success, you will need to dedicate yourself to education on the subject. Sign up and read the industry trade magazines. Attend the seminars and trade shows that you find interesting. Continue to read books not only on real estate, but other business, finance,

Real Estate Virtually

Internet has a major role in pacing up our lives almost on every front. The emerging virtual world of the real estate is a good example of it. People prefer to search for a product online before they actually buy it and it applies to property search as well. Online property search is catching up fast, be it a residential or a commercial plot, building, flat or office space. A customer can view all the options available on the internet and shortlist those which are relevant to his needs.

So for people, who want to sell or rent property, it’s an advantage to be on the internet because-

  • It’s a cost effective medium as compared to other advertising mediums like the newspaper or the TV.
  • Gives you more space to describe your property than a print media classified ad where you are being charged for each column centimeter.
  • You ad has a longer life on the net and can be viewed for months unlike a newspaper ad, which fails to survive beyond one day.
  • Buyers from any part of the country can view your ad thus increasing the reach of your ad exponentially.

Tips on Selling

  • Decide a selling price

Buying Multi Family Properties

The leading reason can be anchored on the fact that this particular group of homebuyers are very much into making themselves financially sound and stable. They will buy multi-family properties because they will use these as income-generating streams. They will convert these properties into rental types where many people or families can rent for dwelling.

Multi-family properties are also surprisingly sold with the same price tags as single family homes of the same features. This is another reason which will most likely attract the millenials to look forward to buying such properties. Those sold higher than single types are those that offer more features.

According to comparative studies, millenials have improved on their spending habits. They now go more after value and for what would be beneficial for them for longer terms. With this also comes many options from wich the buyers could choose from.

Multi-family properties may be in duplex types. Another option is the condo type unit but they may be more expensive than the duplex styles. Yet, for consideration of security measures, the condo units might be a better fit.

As a growing segment of homebuyers, the millenials also know how important it is to be close …

Buy Apartment Alarm Systems

Paradoxically, one reason to own an alarm or at least some type of external or outdoor surveillance system is due to the number of people who live in apartment complexes. The reason that people think they are safe is because of the number of people who live around them. However, they do not consider that these people are ones they have never personally met and are ones that they do not know anything about.

Think about it; when you see someone going in through an apartment door, how sure are you that it is their apartment they are entering? It could be your apartment they are entering while you are not at home and one of your neighbors might see the whole thing but not call the police because they think that the person going in through the door lives there. Apartments are very impersonal places to live which also makes them unsafe for people who are not protected.

Another reason to invest in some security for your apartment is because it will help you to save money on your insurance premiums. If you own a policy for renters insurance then you will be able to get a discount from …

Apartment Buying Mistakes

  1. Not Organizing your Finances – Finally, you’ve decided that you want to buy an apartment. However, are you ready for the financial commitment? If you’re like most buyers, this means you’ll be tied-up to a loan of up to thirty years to pay. Before you buy, organize your finances. Check how much money you earn, how much expenses you have and how much you can actually save. It is easy to say that you earn enough to pay off the loan. However, your lifestyle can make a huge difference. As a reality check, it is best to practice paying for a loan for at least six months. This will give an added boost to your savings while giving you the confidence on how much you can really set aside to pay for your mortgage.
  2. Buying out of Peer Pressure – We all love our friends. Our families will always be dear to us. However, you have to remember that it is you who is going to live and pay for that apartment, so make sure it meets your needs and not theirs. An example would be getting a bachelor pad in the same complex where your friends are. Evening get-togethers

Finding Amazing Real Estate Investments

Mailing out Postcards

If you are not currently mailing out postcards that detail who you are and what your company does, you should definitely start. As an investor, make it a priority to religiously mail out these pieces of information, especially to property owners who are in foreclosure. This tells the owners that instead of allowing their buildings to completely foreclose, you can provide a more positive out for their problem.

You can also mail your postcards to people in probate, including those who are facing a divorce, bankruptcy, and landlords who simply walked out of eviction court. All of this information is considered to be public domain and you have every right to view it. Capitalize on this knowledge and get your foot in the real estate door with a simple postcard.

Mailing Lists

Consider purchasing a batch of addresses from a mailing list company. This gives you a way comb your neighborhood for potential investment deals. Realtors use mailing lists all the time and it works out wonderfully for them. Investors can have the same results.

Make Phone Calls

It is certainly a time-consuming approach, but consider taking a few afternoons to make phone calls to property owners

Pros and Cons of Apartment Life


  1. Amenities. Many apartments have some great amenities, like around the clock security officers, gyms and recreation centers on site, a maintained swimming pool, and play areas for children. Many apartments are in the city so they are located near entertainment, restaurants, and bars.
  2. No maintenance you have to do. In most apartment buildings, all of the maintenance is handled by the landlord. This includes replacing any appliances that came with the unit, fixing any plumbing issues that arise, and handling all of the landscaping. Winter snows are shoveled away without a single thing you have to do.
  3. Small size. Apartments are perfect for people who live alone or with one other person. It’s a smaller space to furnish and not as much space to rattle around in by oneself. They are also easier to clean in one day top to bottom.
  4. More things are covered. An apartment’s rent often includes a lot of the utilities like water and sewer. Some even include electricity or heat in the bill.
  5. Less expensive than a house. The rent on an apartment each month is typically less than a house’s rent, so it’s easier on the budget.


  1. Small size. For some it’s

Determine Median Price And Home Value

The median home price is commonly used to compare property prices across various locations and markets. It is simply the number that is in the middle of a given set of data. To determine the median home price, real estate agents usually list the homes sold during a certain period of time and then sort this list according to the amount for which each house was sold. The middle figure in this list is the median home price for that location.

On the other hand, there are three basic ways of determining the value of an individual house to be sold. These methods include the comparison sales method, income method, and the replacement cost method.

The comparison sales method is perhaps the easiest to do, and it can be performed even by buyers who are not familiar with real estate terms. This method is done simply by acquiring property reports for a given area. Property reports can cover a large location (as in the suburban property report), or a smaller area, like a street (as in the street sales report). To determine the price range for any given property, buyers and sellers can simply consult these reports and compare the …

Land for Sale in Officer Victoria

Officer is within a holiday precinct that takes in iconic tourist attractions such as Puffing Billy and Emerald Lake Park, adventure playgrounds, wineries, potteries, railway towns, asparagus country and aboriginal heritage sites.

From a new home and land package perspective, the land estates gaining most interest in Officer lately are the Aspect and Grandvue.

Developed by Places Victoria, Aspect is a developing new estate that has potential land buyers tickled pink, so to speak. New home builders are creating house and land packages in the estate which can make the purchase decision a little easier. Catering to budget conscious first home buyers looking for cheap house packages to those wanting all the bells and whistles there are a range of package solutions. Land sales in Officer have been consistent and there are also display homes to visit in the suburb and surrounding suburbs.

The Aspect estate is nearby to Berwick, Dandenong and Pakenham.

Other Land for sale in Officer is offered by Oliver Hume Real Estate which is marketing the Grandvue Estate, which is modern living on a grand scale.

The land estate prides itself on offering state-of the-art technology and sustainability. There is super fast broadband and a 6-star …

Staying in Serviced Apartments

Just like a hotel, serviced apartments offers the privacy and comforts of a home. They also have a housekeeping staff to accommodate all your needs. This is the best option not only for people who want to spend holidays with their loved ones, but also for those who usually travel for business trips. This gives them an extended-stay accommodation, which resembles a comfortable apartment-style living. Here are some reasons why it is a better option than hotels:

  • More space

One advantage of serviced apartments is the space. You are given more privacy than getting a hotel room. Hotels are usually crowded. So if you are looking for that cosy or “homey” vibe, you should definitely go for serviced apartments.

  • Convenience for family or group travel

Most apartments have several bedrooms and bathrooms branching off from one central living area. This is ideal for couples travelling with children or another couple. This also gives you more privacy and space and can till hang out together in the shared lounge area.

  • Own kitchen

Another good feature is you can have your own kitchen. There’s no need to dip into fancy restaurants or minibars. You can bring your own food or prepare your …

Considering a Waterfront Home Investment

Get The Right Estate Agent

Not everybody wants to work with a real estate agent when they are investing in property, but when it comes to specialised purchases it is often a good idea to work with somebody who has previous experience in the market.

Not only does this mean that you can get the benefit of the agent’s experience when it comes to dealing with waterfront properties, but it also provides you with the opportunity to learn from people who have done it before. Keep your eyes and ears open and don’t be afraid to ask questions about why certain things are done.

Make Sure The Property Is Structurally Sound

You may find the most perfect property for you when you are on your search, but if it isn’t able to withstand the weather conditions then it is not going to be a suitable purchase. Always remember that being on the waterfront means the house is more exposed to the element and may have to stand up against some pretty torrid conditions at times.

Before you commit to anything, make sure that you have an expert come in to take a look at the property. Ensure that they pay …

Land Good Tenants

Screening Tenants

You should always screen your residents. Screening enables you to see all about their history. This includes missed rental payments, credit checks and even criminal records. Screening your tenants is the first step toward securing great tenants. Don’t ever let a tenant into your property if you doubt their consistency. A property manager will give you the access you need to these facilities, enabling you to choose the best possible tenants within that location.

You’re Reputation

Tenants like someone with a good reputation. If your tenants know that you will look after them, then more tenants are likely to come. For example, if you evict a tenant who is noisy and reckless in a quiet area, then the people within that area will appreciate your efforts. This opens the door to new tenants, and quiet tenants usually want someone who will respect their preferences. If you have a reputation for purchasing properties in quieter areas, then quieter tenants will want to rent from you.

Property Location

The location of your property can play a large part in your tenant income rate. If you own several properties within a well presented area, then you will most likely receive this …