Rental Property Advertising

You Must Have Professional Photo’s.

It will cost from $200 and up and you could even get a video to post to You Tube and Other Websites. In today’s digital world everyone starts the process of finding a home to rent or buy sitting at a computer. And this makes professional pictures and video a must have priority. Don’t cheap out here!

Ad Copy

Companies spend billions of dollars on formulating ad copy trying to get us to buy their products. There are mountains of books and expensive courses dedicated solely to crafting words that move people. Don’t cheap out here either. The words you write need to motivate people to call you before anyone else. Write – Re Write – Study Other Ads – Get Second and Third Opinions – Re Write – Re Write…

Your Professional Photo’s and Ad Copy will be used in all your online advertising and printed flyers and can be re-used whenever necessary. Which adds to the return on this investment.


Use a professional quality lawn sign and sign post similar to the signs Realtor’s use to advertise homes for sale. Add a Sign Topper or Sign Rider with the URL …


Investing in Apartments

Many investors have thought about apartment buildings, but just do not know where to start. They have perceived barriers in their way, and simply never get started. This is a shame because apartments are one of the most profitable places you can invest, and one where you can start with very little, and grow your wealth fast.

I have worked with some of the top apartment owners in the country, and they all share several common traits.

Here are the most important things you need to keep in mind when investing in apartments:

  • Always be learning.
    All of the most successful investors I know are constantly working on their education. They are also all voracious readers and read several books per month. This commonality is not at all surprising because it is a trait found in successful people in all areas of business. If you are serious about getting started investing in apartments and becoming a success, you will need to dedicate yourself to education on the subject. Sign up and read the industry trade magazines. Attend the seminars and trade shows that you find interesting. Continue to read books not only on real estate, but other business, finance,

Real Estate Virtually

Internet has a major role in pacing up our lives almost on every front. The emerging virtual world of the real estate is a good example of it. People prefer to search for a product online before they actually buy it and it applies to property search as well. Online property search is catching up fast, be it a residential or a commercial plot, building, flat or office space. A customer can view all the options available on the internet and shortlist those which are relevant to his needs.

So for people, who want to sell or rent property, it’s an advantage to be on the internet because-

  • It’s a cost effective medium as compared to other advertising mediums like the newspaper or the TV.
  • Gives you more space to describe your property than a print media classified ad where you are being charged for each column centimeter.
  • You ad has a longer life on the net and can be viewed for months unlike a newspaper ad, which fails to survive beyond one day.
  • Buyers from any part of the country can view your ad thus increasing the reach of your ad exponentially.

Tips on Selling

  • Decide a selling price

Reasons To Invest In Property

The preeminent thing about investing in realty is that you can select what you buy and the way you buy it. What I mean by this is you choose the type of property, the location, property condition and you determine the price that you are agreeable to pay. How enormous is that? If you wish for more cash flow, you could buy more entities or arrange the financing so that the rental real estate makes more cash flow.

If you want to get the property paid for more rapidly you could use any surplus cash flow and apply it to the loans.

If you want to diminish your taxes, you can use an assistance called reduction to compensate your income.

If you want big amounts of cash you could spotlight on admiration. You could buy undervalued properties and sell them for a higher price or you could buy properties, secure them up and sell them for a higher price.

It’s astonishing how many means you can make money by investing in real estate when you recognize the benefits. The key is to make certain that you have set up a way to determine your results and to see if you …

Foreign Property Investment in Singapore

City & South West

Though located to the south and west, the area is the hub for business and tech industries.

Many overseas investors find it highly convenient to invest in condos for residences to be in close proximity to everything that is happening.

It is a perfect pivotal spot in all directions that includes the islands to the south and southeast.

Inevitably, investment focuses mainly on the construction of residential structures.


The district is the home for hotel accommodation, condos, real estate investment, consultancy services and foreign missions.

It is a favorite area for expatriate families who find the area perfectly suited for permanent residence with many local advantages.

Newton/Bukit Timah

The district is another home for real-estate condo development along with residential and commercial structures.

Shopping centers are added incentives for expats to invest in homes.

Advertised areas include Maplewoods, The Sterling, and Duchess Crest.


The district caters for the needs of business, industrial and manufacturing companies with emphasis on high-rated office and commercial offices to facilitate business.

The Novelty Bizcenter and Oxley Bizhub 2 are district highlights.

East Coast

This district is stacked with shopping centers, supermarkets and banks; an ideal combination for the holidaying …

Property Buyers


Being a home owner, it is your right as well as privilege to know your property buyers credentials beforehand itself. A reliable property buyer will ensure a smooth and transparent sale. While it is important that both sides are mutually aware of the property sale in question, you need to share mandatory information with your house buyers and keep all communication channels open and flowing for a step-by-step, peaceful and amicable transaction.


Before initiating a sale and reaching out to property buyers, it is important to keep yourself up-to-date regarding all matters pertaining to your property. Any house buyer will want to know that you have all of the relevant papers and supporting documents for your property. Therefore, it is pertinent to keep accurate records of all papers and supporting documents in a neat and organised manner for your property sale to go in a smooth and hassle-free way.


There are many reasons why you should insist on a location check along with property buyers beforehand. A professional house buyer helps you to gauge the true potential of your sale, thereby quoting the right …

Investment Beyond Profit

Taking advantage of minimal investment to purchase a much larger investment

Investing in real estate properties gives you a number of payment options. You can pay the properties in full, but if enough funds are not available, installment payments can be done through loans from banks and private investors. Though interest are added to the initial investment, this is just minimal compared to the huge potential of your business. The usual rates range from 3.7-4.6%, but you can get as low as 3.5% with an FHA Loan. You may contact loan experts to get professional advice on what loan fits your need.

With this payment scheme options, you can have more breathing space on expenses, but have 100% control of the property and get 100% of the profit of your rental property business.

Investing in an upscale business

According to Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey conducted from July 22, 2013 through Aug. 1, 2013 by Pulsenomics LLC, more than 100 economists, real estate experts, and investment and market strategies forecasted 6.7% annual gain in home values for 2013. This is higher than the earlier expected growth of 5.4%. This is due to the recovering housing industry.

The survey shows that …

Maintain Your Summer Property

  1. Take some time to pull up a ladder and reach into those lovely gutters on the side of your home. Often times, leaves, water from rainfall, and occasionally your kid’s toys can be found clogging these valuable fixtures and building a stench right by a walkway or entrance to your home. It’s really not that hard to clean and it can be done easily with your hose. Men, this is a great thing to do for your wives to get yourself out of the doghouse.
  2. No matter what your home is made of, whether it is brick, stucco, concrete, panelled siding, stone, wood, it probably sits under the hot sun all day. Guess what, it should be hydrated, soaked and washed (just like humans, in case you were wondering). Don’t be afraid to take soap to the side of your home to whiten the foundation. This is a perfect opportunity to check for cracking and make sure the foundation is solid.
  3. Don’t be afraid to start (and finish) big projects. This means you should not be afraid to re-shingle, paint the house inside and out, possibly construct a water feature or improve a fence. Summer is great, because it’s more

Condominiums vs Apartments

Although they tend to look the same, an apartment is a particular unit in a building that is rented out and doesn’t generally have any kind of home owner’s association. Additionally there are NO extra amenities afforded to its tenants.

A condominium tends to look like an apartment; however, they are owned by someone rather than rented. Condo owners are typically treated to a plethora of perks such as pools, gyms and clubhouses, and property maintenance and repairs. A condo is usually run by an HOA and its residents MUST abide by the rules set forth by this HOA.

To answer the question of which is better for you: apartment rental or condo ownership, you must determine if you want to stay in your residence for a long time, or if you intend to move around a lot for one reason or another. If you will be moving around a lot, then renting an apartment is the best option for you. But if you want to settle down and you love the town you live in, you ought to at least look into buying a condo. There is more of a community-oriented atmosphere in a condo complex versus an apartment …

Objectives Of Home Sellers

  • Best possible price: Obviously, when one sells his house, he hopes to receive the highest, best possible, price, for it! However, to do so, requires a strategy and focus, and the realization and recognition, the listing and selling prices, might be considerably different entities, in certain instances. These sellers should have a thorough discussion with their real estate professional, to come to a meeting of the minds, to determine what price to list, the house at, and the reasoning. strategic purposes. Depending on many factors, setting the price, right/ correctly, from the start, generally, garners the best price. This does not mean, merely setting a high price, because there are many instances, where doing so, may do harm, to the final result. Smart homeowners have a complete discussion, before they proceed!
  • Shortest period of time: There’s many reasons, getting the home sold, in a relatively short period of time, is beneficial to a homeowner. Studies indicate, in the vast majority of cases, the best, selling price, is generally offered, in the first few weeks, because, that is when, it is perceived, the house is hot! Many potential buyers tend to wonder, if a house is great, why didn’t it

Mistakes To Avoid While Investing In Land

Investing in bad deals

Even if you have the slightest feeling that the investment you are making is not a good one and may cost you in future, get out of it at once. There are minor setbacks in every investment and it requires perseverance to get through them. But if you feel you are in a position that will cause you to lose, you must abandon such a deal instantly.

Hurriedly signing a deal

Do not rush into a deal straight away. Take time to analyze how long will the land take to be sold and at what rate. Investing in land will prove to be like that extra bonus when you retire so make sure you decide rationally before you strike a deal.

Not doing the math correctly

Your net income is calculated by the gross revenue minus the operating expenses. The profit you make is dependent on this net income. Sometimes you tend to overestimate the revenue and underestimate the expenses you will incur. As a result of this, your profit suffers and turns into a loss. So it is very important that you get a solid number and not just random figures on the potential income …

Essential Rental Property Forms

  • APPLICATION FORM – This is the first form that a prospective tenant will fill out for you during the first meeting if they are interested in renting from you. It covers the personal information of all the people that will be living there including their employment history, credit information and rental history. The best part of the application form is that it allows you to do a credit and criminal background check of a prospective tenant.
  • INSPECTION REPORT – This is filled out before the tenant moves anything into your dwelling and again when they are ready to move out before you return their security deposit. There is a checklist for each room and describes the condition of each item on the list. I always back this form up with dated photos of the property and have the tenant sign both.
  • TENANT LEASE AGREEMENT – This is the meat and potatoes of all rental property forms. It outlines the rent, security deposit, length of stay and also lays out all the rules and regulations of living in your property. You can start out with a generic form which can be changed and revised to suit your specific needs or you

Buying Property In Bulgaria

Knight Frank, one of the UK’s most respected residential and commercial property consultancies, recently published a report stating that high increases in residential property prices placed Bulgaria in second place in a world table highlighting property price increases during the second quarter of 2007. The report stated prices increased by 27.1%, so does this mean my house is now worth around £44,000 more than it was when I put it on the market at the start of the year? Should I be increasing the price in line with market trends?

A report by another reputable company, real estate consultants, Colliers, reported similar trends in Bulgarian property but focussed more on the fact that it was the number of buildings constructed. The mountain resorts showed 50% increases and the Black Sea coast 39%. How easy it is to read this statement in relation to prices increasing rather than that of the rate of build and to neglect the part of Colliers report, which states that overall sales prices have “remained unchanged for the past half year as supply continues to outpace demand.”

The reality of the situation is that most reports measure Bulgaria’s property market success in terms of price increases …