Month: February 2019

Moving to Seattle

Seattle has a thriving economy and has a range of companies. It also offers a good environment for start ups and has a number of green technology businesses. The only thing you may not like about the city is the intermittent rainfall. However, the mild climate, the freedom to enjoy outdoor sports at any time during the year, and scenic locale more than makes up for it. Don’t these make looking for Seattle apartments a good option?

The city has a number of great neighborhoods with a number of different characteristics. Which Seattle apartments would suit you would depend up on your own preferences and requirements. If you are looking for a vibrant culture, then you should probably go for Capitol Hill or downtown. The rents are high but the locality is central. Greenlake is wonderful because of its homes, scenic location, and relatively peaceful environment. It is also kind of expensive.

If you are looking for reasonably priced homes, then you could get decent affordable Seattle apartments for rent in neighborhoods such as Ballard or West Seattle. The West Seattle area has beautiful parks and bike trails and would suit you if you want to enjoy the outdoors.

The …

Simple Energy Conservation Ideas For Your Home

  • Insulation: Every form of insulation comes with some R rating. This number indicates the amount of insulation, but are you certain, all exterior walls and ceilings are properly insulated? Doing so, might potentially save a considerable amount of unnecessary energy costs.
  • Energy efficient appliances: Certain home appliances, especially refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, have become far more energy – efficient, in recent years. How old are yours? Look at the rating, and it will indicate how much energy a particular appliance might be using. When I recently replaced my refrigerator, the new one was far more efficient (therefore, cost less to run), than my 15 – year old model. Similarly, today’s oil and gas burners and boilers are far more efficient, than they have ever been!
  • Water and toilet: Are there any dripping faucets or toilets that continue to run – on? Eliminate the drips, change faucet heads (especially in the shower), and check the efficiency of your toilets.
  • Lights/ fixtures: Begin by making the effort to turn lights off, when you leave the room! What type of light bulb are you using? Many bulbs today are four, or more times, more efficient (use less energy/ wattage), than older

Steps to Buying Your Home

The preapproval

This should always be your first step, if you are thinking of purchasing a property contact your Mortgage Broker and submit a pre-approval so you know how much you can afford and you are therefore shopping in the right price range.

The contract of sale, offer

This is when you sign an offer on a contract of sale, typically the price will be negotiated until both parties agree on an amount.

It’s always a good idea to sign this contract with a finance, building and pest clause to protect yourself.

The contract of sale agreement

Once the amount is agreed on the contract is active and will need to be sent to your Mortgage Broker and Conveyancer.

Your Mortgage Broker will order a valuation on the property and aim to get you a formal approval before the finance clause expires.

The contract goes unconditional

Once you have completed the Building and Pest inspection (and you are happy with the report) and your Mortgage Broker has issued you with a formal approval your Conveyancer is advised you are ready to go Unconditional on the contract.

Once your contract is unconditional then the Lender will issue loan contracts and all …

Real Estate Auctions

The one buying the home also finds themselves with the same benefits with the major benefit of it can be completed quickly. Closing costs are also very low when getting a home or selling one at a real estate auction. The closing costs are usually shared equally between the seller and buyer so this will also reduce the amount you have to contribute to the sale of the home. One thing to note with real estate auctions is that you will normally not see extremely high bids.

Auction sales are listed under the category of As-is sales where to the seller knows that there is no risk with the buyers who are bidding on the homes for sale because there are no contingencies to be met in the future, and that the day of the auction the house will be sold. It is not the seller, but the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the property is in good shape and if it is not it will also be their responsibility to know what, if any, repairs need to be made. The buyer can inspect the property using the help of a specialist because if their bid is accepted they …

Property Investment Deal

Get inside information

Competing real estate agents who are working an area are some of the best sources of inside information. Doing this kind of leg work pays off. When you are scouting a location, you can learn a lot about the property you are in interested in by asking them about what’s currently in the market. Moreover, aside from the address you wish to acquire, you will also get plenty of information about the neighboring properties. As a result, you have enough data to determine whether you are purchasing the property you have in mind, and if there are better options you are not previously aware. Make sure that the real estate professionals you speak to are trustworthy and have established a good reputation.

Work with a proficient property manager/licensed real estate agent

While doing your own homework, you will still benefit from hiring a licensed real estate agent who can provide advice, and guide you through the process as well. If you are investing on a property because you want to rent it out, they can also provide you with relevant information regarding property law. Later on, these experienced property managers can help you understand the details of …

Buying Under-Construction Flats

Under-Construction House

This is the more popular way of buying a house. How this works is, the developer announces their new housing project through newspapers, TV, billboards, and the Internet. Their network of agents goes to companies, malls, and homes to spread the word. The motive behind this fully-fledged marketing campaign is to enlist property buyers for all of the flats in the housing complex. In fact, some projects that are built by famous developers sell out more than 75% of their flats before they can even start the construction process.


The advantages of purchasing an under-construction house are many. First, it is the cheaper option, on average 20 to 40 percent cheaper than buying a ready-to-move house. They also have lower EMIs as they are paid while the work in still in progress. The EMI increases as the construction progresses, with the initial EMI being close to nothing. This factor is very attractive for those who have to balance a number of immediate commitments, for example, newlyweds.

The nature of transaction benefits both parties, the buyer and the seller, as buyers get their house for a cheaper price and the seller gets the buyers onboard before the project …

Get Financing for Land and Lots

Research is really the number one key when it comes to finding great rates for land and lot mortgages. One of the best rates in the country rate now is lending to 38 of the states with 80% loan to value ratio and 3% interest rate; this is the type of find you have to jump on when they come along. These figures are certainly not average. Today the average loan to value ratio is closer to 60% with interest rates in the range of 6-7%. This is a significant jump from the numbers posted above and in some cases these higher percentages can make or break your dreams of buying your own lot and building your own home.

In order to be approved for one of these hard to get mortgages you will have to have several requirements met. First, you must have a satisfactory income to debt ratio of no more than 45%, the ability to come up with the down payment, 20% if you can find a good lender with good rates but this can be up to 40% in some cases and a credit score in the 700s to qualify without any problems.

Many first time …

Garden Apartments

Such an apartment will have one or two bedrooms but you can find some that have three or more bedrooms, especially if they are used as a vacation apartment. The more bedrooms there are the more people they can accommodate when on vacation and renting the apartment. If it is an apartment that is rented out long term it is generally not furnished. If the apartment is rented out on a weekly or monthly basis for vacations, it will be furnished. Garden apartments may also have one or two stories. The common area can include outdoor amenities like a swimming pool, tennis or basketball courts, a spa or clubhouse. The entrance to the apartment could be off the courtyard or the street.

The owners of the garden apartments are responsible for the outdoor area being kept up with the lawn mowed, any outdoor equipment cleaned, clean swimming pool without leaves and other debris, etc. Many owners will plant the area with well cared for trees and floors. If it is an apartment complex and you have a pet you need to find out if there is a special area for the dogs. Make sure that you clean up after your …

Signs That the Real Estate Market Is Improving

For Sale Signs Decrease

This is something you can spot from your own neighborhood. If less houses are up for sale, it is because buyers have become active in the market again. You can also look up statistics to get a better sense of how this applies in your region, state, or even across the country.

The Job Market Bounces Back

When unemployment goes down, more people are able to start purchasing homes. While these homes are not part of 1031 exchanges, they are indicative that the overall market is coming up again, which is a good sign for investors, too. Properties are treated with higher value when the market looks good.

Days on the Market Drops

The longer homes are on the market, the more investors and realtors have to worry about the health of the industry. When homes sit empty for some time, the supply is bigger than the demand and the values of the properties often have to drop in order for sellers to get any kind of return or unload the property at all. When homes are snapped up quickly, this is a key sign that the market is in good shape.

More Buyers are in

New Construction in Miami Beach

The New Miami Design District plans to revitalize the neighborhood and stud its streets with more than 100 brands. Storefronts will house mega masters such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Poltrona Frau, Herm├Ęs, Cartier, and Tom Ford to name a few. This is an ambitious project! The once-abandoned cluster of furniture warehouses aims to blend commerce with culture. Newcomers have been and are continuing to include: restaurants – fifteen to twenty from now to 2018 – upscale condos, twelve art museums and many, many more types of stores, offices, and for-profit or non-profit spaces.

Bal Harbor Shops, notably ranked the No. 1 mall in the world, submitted plans earlier this year for a further 250,000 square feet. It wants to enlarge its space and to squeeze in, at least, twenty more stores some of which have already moved in. Occupants include the Perez Art Museum, the Frost Museum of Science, and American Airlines Arena.

All of this real estate razzle and dazzle is helped by the All Aboard Florida passenger train which intends to connect Miami to Orlando by 2018. Doing so will relieve downtown congestion and improve traffic making downtown Miami even more attractive than it already is.

Miami: One …