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Moving to Seattle

Seattle has a thriving economy and has a range of companies. It also offers a good environment for start ups and has a number of green technology businesses. The only thing you may not like about the city is the intermittent rainfall. However, the mild climate, the freedom to enjoy outdoor sports at any time… Read More »

Simple Energy Conservation Ideas For Your Home

Insulation: Every form of insulation comes with some R rating. This number indicates the amount of insulation, but are you certain, all exterior walls and ceilings are properly insulated? Doing so, might potentially save a considerable amount of unnecessary energy costs. Energy efficient appliances: Certain home appliances, especially refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners, have become… Read More »

Steps to Buying Your Home

The preapproval This should always be your first step, if you are thinking of purchasing a property contact your Mortgage Broker and submit a pre-approval so you know how much you can afford and you are therefore shopping in the right price range. The contract of sale, offer This is when you sign an offer… Read More »

Real Estate Auctions

The one buying the home also finds themselves with the same benefits with the major benefit of it can be completed quickly. Closing costs are also very low when getting a home or selling one at a real estate auction. The closing costs are usually shared equally between the seller and buyer so this will… Read More »

Property Investment Deal

Get inside information Competing real estate agents who are working an area are some of the best sources of inside information. Doing this kind of leg work pays off. When you are scouting a location, you can learn a lot about the property you are in interested in by asking them about what’s currently in… Read More »

Buying Under-Construction Flats

Under-Construction House This is the more popular way of buying a house. How this works is, the developer announces their new housing project through newspapers, TV, billboards, and the Internet. Their network of agents goes to companies, malls, and homes to spread the word. The motive behind this fully-fledged marketing campaign is to enlist property… Read More »

Get Financing for Land and Lots

Research is really the number one key when it comes to finding great rates for land and lot mortgages. One of the best rates in the country rate now is lending to 38 of the states with 80% loan to value ratio and 3% interest rate; this is the type of find you have to… Read More »

Garden Apartments

Such an apartment will have one or two bedrooms but you can find some that have three or more bedrooms, especially if they are used as a vacation apartment. The more bedrooms there are the more people they can accommodate when on vacation and renting the apartment. If it is an apartment that is rented… Read More »

Signs That the Real Estate Market Is Improving

For Sale Signs Decrease This is something you can spot from your own neighborhood. If less houses are up for sale, it is because buyers have become active in the market again. You can also look up statistics to get a better sense of how this applies in your region, state, or even across the… Read More »

New Construction in Miami Beach

The New Miami Design District plans to revitalize the neighborhood and stud its streets with more than 100 brands. Storefronts will house mega masters such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Poltrona Frau, Hermès, Cartier, and Tom Ford to name a few. This is an ambitious project! The once-abandoned cluster of furniture warehouses aims to blend commerce… Read More »