Month: May 2019

Investing In Apartment Blocks

Group Investing

Purchasing apartments in holiday destinations is popular for the ‘group investor’ type of purchasing as the various owners can holiday there but also let the unit out at various times of the year and recoup some of the investment expenses. Sometimes group investors will purchase single dwelling holiday homes too.

CBD Apartment

Apartments are popular for CBD investing as CBD living is always sought after and rental returns and property value increases are usually on an upward climb. Usually there are several standards in the CBD. Those where the buildings are much older and not in such good condition, and those that are in upmarket buildings which attract young executives or contract workers.

Facts To Check Out When Buying Single Apartments (could be permanent rentals or holiday rentals)

  • who is managing the body corporate
  • read through the recent minutes and establish if all is running well with the BC
  • are there onsite managers – these blocks are usually better run that when there are individual tenancy managers
  • what overall state is the building in
  • are their problems getting maintenance done in the building
  • what type of tenancy is run at the building, short term letting or permanent rental

Buying Investment Property

This means it’s important to treat each part of the process like a business. Doing so includes using professionals when you need them, from real estate agents, to accountants and lawyers. You want this to make good sense financially, so take professional advice into account and use it wisely.

It doesn’t matter how great the place is; will people want to rent your investment property in New Zealand? There is a real skill in finding a place that is both reasonable enough to be able to offer a good but fair rental price, and be in a place that attracts a stable tenant. People look for slightly different qualities in a house that they are renting as opposed to one they own, with factors such as an easy care garden with a low maintenance section, and a place they don’t need to make improvements on themselves.

There are other factors tenants will look for. Because they can’t alter the building or surrounds too much, it needs to come with the things they want. If it’s an apartment, they are more likely to rent one that has a balcony. No matter where it is, a place with a garage is more …

Features to Get a Profitable Rental Property

Begin Your Search

When you set out to find a rental property, you may secretly wish to seek the help of a real estate agent to help in your search for the property, but you must start with the search, on your own! To hire an agent will cloud your mind with unnecessary pressures to buy, before you actually find a property which suits you the most.


The quality of the neighborhood will influence the kind of tenants and the frequency of vacancies. For example, if you buy a property near a university area, then it will attract a pool of students to take the property on lease. The frequency of the vacancies will also be on a regular basis when the students will keep coming in search of a residential property.


Take a walk in your potential neighborhood and search for current and upcoming projects, parks, malls, gyms, movie theaters, public transport, and other amenities that will attract the buyers. When you set out to search for yourself, you will get an idea on where you will find a beautiful blend of the public amenities and the best rental property.

Rent is the bread and butter for …

Important Traits to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor

Passion to build a career

Passion might sound a bit overwhelming and dramatic but it is the core of success. If you want to be successful as a real estate investor, you need to ensure that you are passionate about it. You don’t count your hours like a 9-5 day job because you want to build a career out of it. You want to create passive income that would give you the freedom to live your life according to your own terms. This passion drives you to go through the difficult times that you’ll face at the start of your real estate investing career.


If you are passionate about something, it gives you the determination to endure bad patches. Yes, they will get bad. You might find problematic tenants or depreciation in the market or trouble contractors or too expensive property. But you need determination to keep going, to ensure that all of this is temporary and there’ll be a time when you would see the fruits of your efforts.


Patience is the key to success. It is a trait that helps you keep out of trouble. It’s OK to have passion and determination to make it big …

Resale Flats

Resale properties are as good as the new flats. In fact, owners also give discounts on these kinds of properties. These properties are economical and the best alternatives to your buying a new apartment.


  1. Cost-effective – On second-hand flats you can get a 10 percent discount.
  2. Ready-made Flat – To buy a new property, you need to wait for the construction to get over. However, when you opt for a used apartment, you get it instantly. In general those who sell these kinds of flats, usually keep it furnished and well maintained.
  3. A Silver Lining During Price Rise – If you buy a used suite, then even amidst price rise, it will be a silver lining for you and hold your hopes strong.

Shades of Grey:

While exploring advantages, there are also some grey sides of buying a used apartment from the market.

  1. Before you buy a second-hand house, check the papers. It is mandatory to know every detail about the owner and the legal registration of the property.
  2. Check if the seller has any kinds of dues against the property.
  3. The physical condition of the property is of primary importance. Inspect that carefully too.
  4. You must also check

Buying a House Is an Investment

Buying a house could be a great investment option but unlike other investments, you need to look after the property to continuously provide a source of income.

When it comes to balancing the risks and rewards in purchasing a house, locations close to Bay Area is ideal. Mountain House is one such location, which is known for its diverse demographics and affordable home prices. You can easily lay hands on your dream house, all you need to do is to find the right Real Estate Services in Mountain House.

Buying a house is a great investment!

Buying a house is a big financial responsibility but a rewarding one. We will give you enough reasons to make up your mind to buy the house. Keep reading to find out more:

Income = Rents

You are sure to have a steady source of income with rental payment coming every month. If you are savvy investor, the rental income should be higher than the mortgage to pay off the loan without any extra efforts over a long run.

Tax deductions await you

Descent portion of the expenses associated with an investment property are tax deductible. For instance, property maintenance charges, interest and fees …

Hire a Commercial Real Estate Agent


Make sure the professional agent that you are going to hire can be trusted. It may be difficult to find out who can be trusted but it can be done during the interview. By asking a few relevant questions during the interview, you can get a pretty good idea as if they are trustworthy or not.

Conflicts of Interest

What does a conflict occurs? Actually, the conflict may occur when you go with an agent who already is a representative of many property owners in the same area. Now, the agent wants to serve you despite that the fact that they have given their word to the property owners that they will find a way to earn them the highest rate of rent possible. So, you may want to get a clear idea of the conflict severity and its importance for you.


Experience of the agent is of utmost importance as far as choosing the best professional is concerned. Ideally, it’s a good idea to go with a commercial real estate agent who has over 10 years of experience in the field. Their grey hair may be a sign that they have been in this business for years. …

Owning Rental Properties

  • Comparisons/ competitive, opportunity costs, uses for your money: Does buying and owning a particular property, maximize your possibilities, and return on investment, when compared to other alternatives and uses? In other words, will doing so, provide, you, with the most, bang – for – your – buck? When considering any real estate investment, begin, by fully evaluating, not only, the initial, purchase price, but, also, how much, will be needed, both in the shorter – term, and longer – term! Take the purchase price, plus the more immediate (first 2 years of ownership) costs, incurred, and involved. Then, conservatively, consider, and use, the anticipated rent – rolls (look at the local market, and competition, and use an 80% figure, meaning, four – fifths of that number, to see your rate of return). Seek a minimum, 6% rate of return (for example, if the property purchase plus short – term price is $500,000, your full rent – rolls should be approximately, $37,000, so your 80% – figure, is roughly, $30,000, or 6% of the cost figure). In addition, compare this to the opportunity – costs, for your money, or, what you might, probably, receive from other investment vehicles).
  • Reserves: We suggest

Important Part of Conveyance

Conveyance is an integral part of buying your home – it helps ensure that your transactions go without a hitch, and that everything happens in a legal manner. A solicitor or specialist licensed in conveyance can be a big help to you, since he has specialized knowledge in the topic and can easily alert you to any problems that may arise in the course of your business. But before you negotiate the terms of your purchase, or indeed, before you decide which house to buy, it is a good idea to have a survey conducted of the property first.

Few people believe that it is important to have a survey done on a property that they are about to buy, largely because they think that the survey done for the purposes of fixing a mortgage is sufficient. However, the mortgage lender’s survey is only performed to establish a monetary value for a house.

It does not tell you anything about whether the price you will be paying for the property is fair, or if the house has any structural defects you should know about. That is why you should also look into getting a homebuyer’s report or a building survey.…

Home Buying Negotiations

Ask for something in return.

Typically, transactions inside a home sale should be give and take. Sellers put specific price tags because they want money in exchange of their property. Buyers inspect the house and see appliances not included in the seller’s listing. Then a higher price than that of the seller is raised. This is when counter offers start. Whether or not the seller or buyer would give in to some demands, the counter offers can go back and forth. Sellers and buyers alike should remember that counter offers are made because they want something from this.

In simple philosophy, counter offers are done to tap into either a buyer or a seller’s fairness. In response to changes in prices made from both sides, requests are also slowed down.

Give incentives.

During the counter offer, remember that you should give when you want to take something. Thus, incentives in different forms will likely help. If you are on the seller side, offer buyer like paying for homeowners’ association fees for a specific period. Incentives can spell some trick on the buyer. You have just to be creative yet respectful in putting up your incentive offers.

There are so many …