Buying Property in Costa Blanca

Furthermore, if the cost of a second home still seems prohibitive, look at it as an investment; villas and apartments are in constant demand, so you would even be able to partially cover your costs by renting it out as a holiday home and maybe, just maybe, your little gamble could become an excellent source of profit.

So what sort of apartments and villas are available? Well, there is a range of properties to suit just about anyone looking to buy property in Costa Blanca, from single-bedroom apartments in new builds, to luxurious mansions.

For example, if you are looking to buy an apartment in Costa Blanca, the smallest available are the Las Rocas apartments in Ciudad Quesada. At around 33 metres squared, they are too small for a family, but perfect for a couple, and come with beautiful views of Quesada. Built in the traditional Mediterranean villa style, the complex comes complete with a communal pool and garden, so if you do not fancy venturing beachwards, you can stay and relax in and around the apartment. Furthermore, the apartments are within walking distance of shops, restaurants and a country club, allowing inhabitants to enjoy a relaxed holiday, with all the necessary amenities close by. However, it has to be stressed that these are indeed small. They have only one bathroom, bedroom and a small kitchen, though the terrace will allow you to relax in the sun. And if you buy such an apartment in Costa Blanca, how much are you likely to pay? Believe it or not, the Las Rocas apartments are going for recession-busting prices, starting at only 52,000 Euros, so while they are not exactly ideal for a family vacation, they would be perfect for a couple’s Spanish getaway, and would be a fantastic to rent out without having to invest too much in the property.

At the other end of the scale, there is a huge luxury villa in Rojales, a different part of Ciudad Quesada. This enormous home would be perfect for a large, somewhat wealthy, family looking to buy a property in Costa Blanca. Rather than living in an apartment block, the villa is secluded and comes with a huge garden, in which there is an abundance of greenery and vegetation planted, so families can enjoy a leisurely stroll around their land. While the Las Rocas apartments lack air conditioning, the villa has its own system, as well as a 15 x 7 metre pool to cool off in. On the other hand, it is more isolated, but at least comes with a garage to store vehicles. However, the piece de resistance of this opulent, 5-bedroom mansion is its cinema room – this is optional, as it will add to the price, but could be perfect for the whole family to curl up and watch a DVD for a quiet night in.

It has to be said, though, that of all people looking to buy property in Costa Blanca, this is exclusively for the rich. Costing almost one million Euros, it is clearly not the most recession-friendly purchase, though a place of such size and beauty could easily be rented out as a holiday home to families and groups of friends looking to relax and top up their tan.

So there you have it; buying property in Costa Blanca need not be an act of folly, as there is a wide range of properties available, allowing you to make a sound investment. If done properly, buying property in Costa Blanca could well be a great way to build up a little nest egg, not to mention giving you somewhere beautiful to escape to.