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Rent for Lifestyle, Leverage for Investment

If you ask any REAL investor about this, they will tell you – that they have plenty of home loans for their investments, but rent the roof over their head! In fact, we have spoken to more than a few successful investors and they all have this in common. Only after achieving financial freedom did… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Hard Money Investor

Hard money loans range from anywhere to $20,000 to $150,000, or more, depending on the lender’s funds. Most loans also cap at 3-5 years although you’ll be able to find some who offer options for longer terms or for subsequent payments. Loans also differ. You’ll find a variety from commercial to rehab to so-called Social… Read More »

Benefits of Investment Groups

One of the options they have is with investing in a real estate investment group. This type of investing fits in perfectly with the kind of scheme they are looking for. When people buy flats as a group they are primarily looking for a place where they can live with their family and friends. They… Read More »

Points to Remember Before Investing in Real Estate

Location: The value of a property is estimated by its location. So, make sure to have the clear picture of the location. Investors should take time to research the locality. Get a decent idea of the locality and see if it suits your purpose or not. Legal Issues: People often end up buying property that… Read More »

Apartment Investing Boom

The age of these people who are renters is about 18-35, and in the next 10 to 15 years, the number of people in this age group is going to increase by five to seven million, which means apartments are going to be in even more demand than they are currently. Signs are definitely showing… Read More »

Mortgage Investing

Many Canadians who have owned a home for a number of years have seen the value of their home rise at the same time that they have been chipping away at their mortgage. The result of this is many Canadians who may be cash poor, but equity rich. One mistake many make is that because… Read More »

Identifying Investment Opportunities

Look At Historical Prices Your aim with real estate is always going to be to buy as low as possible, so it is a good idea to have a look at the historical trends of an area you are considering investing in. This way you will have an idea about what you should be expecting… Read More »

Investment Property Loan Types

Residential Property Investment Loans Residential property investment mortgages have similar qualification guidelines as standard owner-occupied mortgages. Although, they do have higher down payment and credit score requirements. Below is a summary of the general guidelines for residential investment mortgages. Credit Score Requirement – The minimum credit score requirement is typically 680 or above for investment… Read More »

Property Investment Deal

Get inside information Competing real estate agents who are working an area are some of the best sources of inside information. Doing this kind of leg work pays off. When you are scouting a location, you can learn a lot about the property you are in interested in by asking them about what’s currently in… Read More »

First Home Investors

Educate Yourself Learning about the property market is a must if you want to be involved in buying and selling real estate. Apart from researching information on the internet, you can also make personal visits to areas you would like to invest in. Get in touch with the locals there, real estate agents and property… Read More »