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Emergency & Maintenance House Guide for Tenants

It is very important to give tenants some guidance to help them look after your property in particularly those who have not rented before. Tenants need to be informed in case of an event of an emergency and how to deal with routine maintenance.

Here are a few typical scenarios the tenant will come across:

Explain to tenants that they are responsible for minor repairs like changing fuses and bulbs as well as prompt action and seeking help if anything more serious happens.
Make sure that tenants are aware of what to do or who to contact in an emergency. It is in their contractual duty to report anything that could damage the property, they could even be liable for the cost if they fail to report sooner.

Give tenants a written set of instructions to follow so they know what actions to take to protect the property and themselves. This could cover what to do in the event of a problem with plumbing, drains, gas, electricity etc. The delay of getting these fixed can result more costs in damage over time.

Get tenants to lookout for minor problems to the property and keep a report, big claims can be avoided if you take action earlier such as a list of thing they should lookout for e.g. damp smells, flaking wallpaper, short circuiting fuses and other things that have a hidden presence that they need fixing.

Keep a handy laminated house guide on a notice board inside the property showing tenants where the mains fuse board is, how to turn gas off at the mains, where the water stop valve is and how to work the heating, kitchen appliances etc.

Don’t be negligent in dealing with water problems, they can be very expensive if the problem isn’t fixed quickly and efficiently. You can assign one of your tenants as a lookout, preferably a person who is reliable to contact you as soon as a problem or an extreme case arises. Some insurance companies can refuse a claim if they think you had been careless to take prompt action to reduce the damage, so be vigilant in making sure that water damage is reported as soon as possible.