Foreign Property Investment in Singapore

City & South West

Though located to the south and west, the area is the hub for business and tech industries.

Many overseas investors find it highly convenient to invest in condos for residences to be in close proximity to everything that is happening.

It is a perfect pivotal spot in all directions that includes the islands to the south and southeast.

Inevitably, investment focuses mainly on the construction of residential structures.


The district is the home for hotel accommodation, condos, real estate investment, consultancy services and foreign missions.

It is a favorite area for expatriate families who find the area perfectly suited for permanent residence with many local advantages.

Newton/Bukit Timah

The district is another home for real-estate condo development along with residential and commercial structures.

Shopping centers are added incentives for expats to invest in homes.

Advertised areas include Maplewoods, The Sterling, and Duchess Crest.


The district caters for the needs of business, industrial and manufacturing companies with emphasis on high-rated office and commercial offices to facilitate business.

The Novelty Bizcenter and Oxley Bizhub 2 are district highlights.

East Coast

This district is stacked with shopping centers, supermarkets and banks; an ideal combination for the holidaying or resident families.

Most enticing for foreign investors are the property sales which feature in nearly every advertisement listings and web portals.

Changi/Pasir Ris

The most consistent and impressive sight that meets the eye in this district are the condominiums.

Any interested foreign investor would be wise in negotiating a deal to invest funds in either the purchase or construction of one of these structures.

New launches include the Qbay Residences and Mapex real estate condominiums.