Investment Beyond Profit

Taking advantage of minimal investment to purchase a much larger investment

Investing in real estate properties gives you a number of payment options. You can pay the properties in full, but if enough funds are not available, installment payments can be done through loans from banks and private investors. Though interest are added to the initial investment, this is just minimal compared to the huge potential of your business. The usual rates range from 3.7-4.6%, but you can get as low as 3.5% with an FHA Loan. You may contact loan experts to get professional advice on what loan fits your need.

With this payment scheme options, you can have more breathing space on expenses, but have 100% control of the property and get 100% of the profit of your rental property business.

Investing in an upscale business

According to Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey conducted from July 22, 2013 through Aug. 1, 2013 by Pulsenomics LLC, more than 100 economists, real estate experts, and investment and market strategies forecasted 6.7% annual gain in home values for 2013. This is higher than the earlier expected growth of 5.4%. This is due to the recovering housing industry.

The survey shows that annual appreciation rates could approach new record highs by the end of 2017. Cumulatively, survey predicted that the values of residential properties is expected to rise 23.7% through 2017, on average, up from 22.3%.

Acquiring tax benefits

The government is keen on giving tax breaks and incentives on real estate investors to encourage continuous services to millions of Americans. Property owners can avail depreciation benefits and property trade without paying any tax (BiggerPockets guide to 1031 Exchanges). This can help you compound your wealth even faster, increasing your potential profit year after year.

Having full control of your business and life

Being a landlord or property owner is not easy, but it is considerably easier to manage than most of the corporate jobs. This business gives you an investment that you can personally and directly control. You make your own business. You can dictate where your business will take you. It is you who maintain and improve your properties, choose the right tenants, implement reasonable policies, and decide on rates.

Efficiency in managing property is what all landlords should have. If you have this, life is easier for you. It is just like waiting for the pay day to collect rent. This gives you an option to earn equal, or even higher, of what a regular corporate employee receives, but having more time and control of your life.