How To Subdivide A Property

Acquire The Property

Basically, you cannot subdivide and sell a parcel of land if you don’t rightfully own a certain property. Perhaps, you already own the parcel of land or maybe you have stumbled on the property you fancy to buy. Before you subdivide the land, you have to acquire the land free and clear.

Research The Zoning Ordinances In Your Locality

Explore and learn more about the county records to know all the zoning ordinances in your locality and get familiarized with city utilities. Work with a title and abstract company to conduct an intensive title search of the property, in case you do not yet own the property. This will provide you information regarding the current status of the property. Moreover, you will be able to discern if there are liens filed against the land. Working with a title and abstract company allows you to verify first the title before you buy the real estate.

Survey The Land

Survey the perimeters and boundaries of your property. A preliminary survey is performed as a fundamental step of your buying process, which will be conducted by a certified land surveyor. In this phase, the surveyor looks into their findings, dimensions …

Cardiff Property Market Performance

However, the feeling is not the same for those looking to get their first feet on the property ladder or possibly for those looking to buy another home. Knowing what is happening in the local property market is not only interesting, but can be crucial in giving you an edge – knowing where you stand financially and being informed of the true value of a property can be genuinely helpful.

So how is Cardiff property is performing? Over the last twelve months there have been 5,492 sales in Cardiff. This is significantly down on last year by 10%. The supply of property in Cardiff is poor and has been slowly declining. This low supply coupled with a high demand is what is keeping property prices steady. Although statistics are now starting to show that demand is also slowly slipping as mortgage approvals have dipped by around 5%. The average price of property in Cardiff is now £192,385 this is up around 3% growth on last year and up by a handsome 17% in the last five years.

What about the future? Cardiff’s population continues to grow, and it is estimated it will grow by 3% by 2020. It is also …

Promote Your Rental Properties Online

Your Own Website

It always pays to have a dedicated website. It might be costly to your thinking, but you can actually develop your own rental property website through free services. There are templates you can use guiding you from scratch to finish. The traffic it gets may not be that great at first, but with your efforts, it can be a great reservoir of potential tenants. Enrich the site with great information regarding the property for rent. Enhance it with blog entries, photos of the properties, sponsored property listings, and newsletters.


Probably one of the best avenues to promote your vacation rental property is through online listings. A lot of them are available from free to costly. Many listing sites allow you to build additional links to your rental property website. It is a good way to harvest potential tenants too.

Craigslist, a free listing site can be set to reach potential tenants that are within your community. Pictures, descriptions, and relevant information about the property for rent should be provided. Take note of when your advertisement will start to show and when it will expire. You have the option to renew the ad when expiration date is …

Choosing Estate Agents

Be sure to have ready any questions you’d like answered. Some estate agents specialize or have more experience in a particular area. First impressions are important and if you don’t feel some empathy from the beginning, you should look elsewhere.

Estate agents should be knowledgeable about the local area. Obviously they must be licensed and qualified. They should be experienced and willing to listen to you. If you are thinking of buying, they may ask pertinent questions which will be helpful in your decision-making. This will help them avoid showing you houses that are unsuitable. If you are selling, they will be able to give you ideas on how to present your home to its best advantage.

It may be useful to attend a few ‘home opens’ and observe the attitude and conduct of the agent. They should be acting for their client. This means being positive about the house they are hoping to sell. If they are too quick to point out inferior features or to suggest that their client would take a lower price, then perhaps you wouldn’t want them representing you.

Some agents are only interested in property within a certain price range. Obviously the more expensive …

Buying a HUD Home

The term HUD means Department of Housing and Urban Development. This department is responsible for providing affordable housing for those who want to become homeowners. The process of selling this foreclosed property is not like regular real estate deals and foreclosed properties. HUD takes the home if the FHA has approved the loan on it and it must be a foreclosed property. HUD will use an asset management company to sell the homes for them. The potential homebuyer will have to work with a real estate agent that is HUD registered.

After have a property inspection conducted you can either place a sealed bid on the home or look for another home. If you receive notice that your bid was accepted, you will have settlement time. This is the time you have to purchase the home and close the deal. Before you bid on the home make sure that you are eligible for some home loan unless you can afford to pay cash.

Advantages of HUD homes for sale

  • Financial help-if you are eligible for an FHA loan, they have many different programs so you may be able to get some capital to buy the home. If the HUD home

Look Closely at Adelaide Warehouses

My wife has cousins over in Adelaide, so last Christmas we visited them. We saw the city but did not think much of it. It is clean and devoid of the unsightly Melbourne graffiti but did not seem to have much going for it apart from the large number of old people milling around its streets. After four days when we returned to Melbourne, I was happy to be home.

Of late the news continues to be grim, manufacturers like Holden are shutting shop and the submarine project seems to be going nowhere. But there have been a few developments, which have caused me to take another look at Adelaide.

  1. The rental yield on commercial property in Adelaide is a good 100 to 150 basis points higher than rest of the country. So it is already an attractive investment.
  2. Changes in the Significant Investor Visa mean that investors (yes, most of them are Chinese) can no longer use investments in residential property to secure their visas. Commercial property is still fair game though. The government has rightly concluded that foreign investments should move away from overheating residential property and move towards infrastructure and business development as well as focus on

Investing In Apartment Blocks

Group Investing

Purchasing apartments in holiday destinations is popular for the ‘group investor’ type of purchasing as the various owners can holiday there but also let the unit out at various times of the year and recoup some of the investment expenses. Sometimes group investors will purchase single dwelling holiday homes too.

CBD Apartment

Apartments are popular for CBD investing as CBD living is always sought after and rental returns and property value increases are usually on an upward climb. Usually there are several standards in the CBD. Those where the buildings are much older and not in such good condition, and those that are in upmarket buildings which attract young executives or contract workers.

Facts To Check Out When Buying Single Apartments (could be permanent rentals or holiday rentals)

  • who is managing the body corporate
  • read through the recent minutes and establish if all is running well with the BC
  • are there onsite managers – these blocks are usually better run that when there are individual tenancy managers
  • what overall state is the building in
  • are their problems getting maintenance done in the building
  • what type of tenancy is run at the building, short term letting or permanent rental

Buying Investment Property

This means it’s important to treat each part of the process like a business. Doing so includes using professionals when you need them, from real estate agents, to accountants and lawyers. You want this to make good sense financially, so take professional advice into account and use it wisely.

It doesn’t matter how great the place is; will people want to rent your investment property in New Zealand? There is a real skill in finding a place that is both reasonable enough to be able to offer a good but fair rental price, and be in a place that attracts a stable tenant. People look for slightly different qualities in a house that they are renting as opposed to one they own, with factors such as an easy care garden with a low maintenance section, and a place they don’t need to make improvements on themselves.

There are other factors tenants will look for. Because they can’t alter the building or surrounds too much, it needs to come with the things they want. If it’s an apartment, they are more likely to rent one that has a balcony. No matter where it is, a place with a garage is more …

Features to Get a Profitable Rental Property

Begin Your Search

When you set out to find a rental property, you may secretly wish to seek the help of a real estate agent to help in your search for the property, but you must start with the search, on your own! To hire an agent will cloud your mind with unnecessary pressures to buy, before you actually find a property which suits you the most.


The quality of the neighborhood will influence the kind of tenants and the frequency of vacancies. For example, if you buy a property near a university area, then it will attract a pool of students to take the property on lease. The frequency of the vacancies will also be on a regular basis when the students will keep coming in search of a residential property.


Take a walk in your potential neighborhood and search for current and upcoming projects, parks, malls, gyms, movie theaters, public transport, and other amenities that will attract the buyers. When you set out to search for yourself, you will get an idea on where you will find a beautiful blend of the public amenities and the best rental property.

Rent is the bread and butter for …

Important Traits to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor

Passion to build a career

Passion might sound a bit overwhelming and dramatic but it is the core of success. If you want to be successful as a real estate investor, you need to ensure that you are passionate about it. You don’t count your hours like a 9-5 day job because you want to build a career out of it. You want to create passive income that would give you the freedom to live your life according to your own terms. This passion drives you to go through the difficult times that you’ll face at the start of your real estate investing career.


If you are passionate about something, it gives you the determination to endure bad patches. Yes, they will get bad. You might find problematic tenants or depreciation in the market or trouble contractors or too expensive property. But you need determination to keep going, to ensure that all of this is temporary and there’ll be a time when you would see the fruits of your efforts.


Patience is the key to success. It is a trait that helps you keep out of trouble. It’s OK to have passion and determination to make it big …