Rental Property Advertising

You Must Have Professional Photo’s.

It will cost from $200 and up and you could even get a video to post to You Tube and Other Websites. In today’s digital world everyone starts the process of finding a home to rent or buy sitting at a computer. And this makes professional pictures and video a must have priority. Don’t cheap out here!

Ad Copy

Companies spend billions of dollars on formulating ad copy trying to get us to buy their products. There are mountains of books and expensive courses dedicated solely to crafting words that move people. Don’t cheap out here either. The words you write need to motivate people to call you before anyone else. Write – Re Write – Study Other Ads – Get Second and Third Opinions – Re Write – Re Write…

Your Professional Photo’s and Ad Copy will be used in all your online advertising and printed flyers and can be re-used whenever necessary. Which adds to the return on this investment.


Use a professional quality lawn sign and sign post similar to the signs Realtor’s use to advertise homes for sale. Add a Sign Topper or Sign Rider with the URL for a single property website that has all your pictures, ad copy and rental application for downloading or filling out online. Window Signs, Back Fence Signs, Directional Signs on streets leading to the property. Signs.. Signs.. Everywhere There’s Signs… is not a bad thing when you are trying to attract quality tenants!

Single Property Website with URL

This could be a one page website created easily using where you can direct potential tenants for complete information and to view your professional pictures. You can add your custom URL to your email signature, post to Facebook, twitter and other social media websites. People are looking for instant access to complete information with great pictures. Single Property Websites with unique URL’s is the way to it.

Neighbourhood Flyers

Here is the opportunity to combine your professional photo’s, awesome ad copy and unique URL into a printed one page flyer you can post every where you can find a bulletin board. You can also hand deliver the flyer to at least 100 homes surrounding your rental property. This works because lots of people in the neighbourhood know other people looking to move into the community and lots of people simply move within the same neighborhood all the time.

Open House

Realtors do it all the time so they do work. Schedule your Open House at the same time you are going to show the property to some potential tenants. Invite and meet the neighbours.