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When Buying an Apartment

First off, you are going to want do some research – preferably online. It is much easier than using a newspaper as it provides you with accurate picture and details. Once you’ve started going through a few different locations, you should start to think about budget. Determine which elements are essential within the neighborhood you… Read More »

Documents to Check Before Buying an Apartment

Take a look at the title deed: Check the title deed of the land on which the apartment has been constructed. The title should be clear and marketable. The title deed (proving ownership of the land) needs to be in the hands of the seller of the apartment. The title deed gives you the history… Read More »

Impacts of Rent Control on Apartment Buildings

Advocating rent control ignores the basic economic laws that govern housing markets. Rental property that is privately developed, owned, and operated is treated as a public utility. That philosophy harms not only the providers of housing but the consumers it was intended to serve. Rent serves two functions in the efficient housing market operation. It… Read More »

Apartment Owner’s Association

The Formation of a Society for an Apartment An apartment society is typically comprised of seven members and is governed by a memorandum that states the names, objectives, addresses as well as professions of the members involved. The committee has a set of rules and by-laws governing how the affairs are regulated in the premises… Read More »

Getting Out of the Apartment

Renting You just went from paying rent on an apartment, why would you want to pay rent on a home? The obvious answer is that it’s a house and not an apartment, meaning that you’ll have more space both in and out of the house. The less obvious answers centers around your ability to get… Read More »

Reasons to Rent an Apartment

One of the prime reasons that one wants a Los Angeles apartment for rent is because of its reasonable price. The prices for rent are quite affordable. When you buy an apartment there are many expenses apart from the expenses in buying the apartment therefore it makes sense that rather than buying one should rent… Read More »

Apartment Investing Boom

The age of these people who are renters is about 18-35, and in the next 10 to 15 years, the number of people in this age group is going to increase by five to seven million, which means apartments are going to be in even more demand than they are currently. Signs are definitely showing… Read More »

Living Green in an Apartment

The most obvious things renters can do is to reduce, re-use and recycle. If your building does not have a recycling program, look into starting one or find the nearest recycling drop center. Get to know your neighbors so if you have items you no longer need you can see if they would want it.… Read More »

Apartment Building Loans

The rules will not be bent anymore. In the past, it was not uncommon for a borrower to be a little under the minimum requirements for a loan and still qualify. This is no more. Underwriters at these banks are becoming stricter when it comes to the requirements for getting these loans. In order to… Read More »

Sharing An Apartment

If you have ever been paired with a roommate you didn’t know you will understand the trepidation that comes with that first meeting during move-in day. Some of my classmates found lifelong best friends in their first year roommates. I never heard from mine again after she switched schools halfway through our freshman year. Moving… Read More »