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Buying a House Cheaply

  • Bad Rental Properties: Real investors stake out the courthouse–specifically the landlord-tenant cases (usually held one day a week). Whether the landlord wins or loses, he/she may just want to get rid of the property. You might also find these properties’ owners by advertising online through sites such as Craigslist. Bonus Tip: Contact property management companies. They’ll know their properties with bad tenants, and they may know whether the owner is interested in selling.
  • Inherited Houses: These can be very similar to vacant houses. Sometimes they’re vacant; sometimes not. (If not, it’s usually a relatively living temporarily there.) Often, the heirs don’t have a use for the house, and they’re not interested in becoming landlords. Meanwhile, there are those recurring monthly costs, as with vacant houses. Inherited houses often aren’t in good, updated condition, and the heirs aren’t interested in spending thousands of dollars just to fix the place up. They want to sell quickly and get whatever money they can out of the house.┬áInvestors check records at the courthouse and contact probate attorneys. You can do the same. Plus, tax records (which you can research, or have them researched by a real estate agent or a researcher) will usually

Dream House Hunting

  • Research on Your Realtor – There are several approaches to making an offer and most real estate companies have their standard operating procedures. There’s the submission of a letter of intent or even meeting with them first before making any kind of offer. There are those that extend invitations to view the property first or even invite you to auctions. Feel free to inquire what their processes are just so you know how to proceed with your offer. Do remember that for any oral or written offers make sure that you use simple enough language and be direct to the point.
  • Look For Options – This allows you to choose from their other properties if your original preference doesn’t pan out. Better yet, ask for other options yourself instead of waiting for their offers. Just be sure to be specific on what characteristics or features that you will require of your dream residence. These realty companies would be very happy to show you their other wares, complete with details, viewing and even free feasibility studies if available. Also, you might want to find other realtors as well, preferably with a satisfactory rating from former clients and partners.
  • Ask About Property

Sell Your House Fast

Offer a Reasonable Price

Perhaps nothing is as important as choosing the right price when it comes to determining how fast the house is sold. And this is precisely where an experienced real estate agent becomes indispensable. Many house sellers like bypassing the commission agent believing that in the long-run it saves money. This may not always be true as a good and experienced realtor can help you in setting the best price for your house.

Advertise in Major Listing Websites

Nowadays everybody resorts to the Internet for what they want. If you really want that house sold pretty fast, then advertise online. This modern channel is now reaching millions quickly and is also very affordable. Look for major property sites and post your advert there and you will be amazed at the quick result.

If you want to go the old and tested way, why not simply have a “For Sale” sign post erected in front of the property? Everyone passing by will know your house is on sale and the word of mouth will also help in spreading the news.

Improve Your Curb & Exterior Appeal

Curb appeal is a key factor in terms of drawing potential buyers. …

Ways to Make Your House More Green

Air refreshers

The quality of indoor air should be cleaner than the air outside. When possible, smoking should be avoided when inside the premises of the house. If there are smoking family members, encourage them to stop the habit.

Utilize the air-sieving capabilities of plants. It will help if you have plants and some trees in your lawn or garden. Their leaves can sieve pollutants and prevent them from entering your house. They also play essential role in the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle.

Go natural

Sometimes it really pays to use natural things than artificial ones. This is particularly relevant when cleaning agents are talked of. There are many commercially-available cleaners but most of them contain chemicals that are harmful both to the health of your family and to the environment. Baking soda is a popular alternative to cleansers because it is nontoxic. It can serve as a multipurpose cleaner. If you can’t refrain from buying commercial cleaners, it is better if you’ll inspect the labels to see if they contain natural ingredients. There are detergents, soaps, and dishwashing pastes and liquids that are made from natural fruit extracts. Within your kitchen, you can make use of readily-available natural ingredients like …

Buying Under-Construction Flats

Under-Construction House

This is the more popular way of buying a house. How this works is, the developer announces their new housing project through newspapers, TV, billboards, and the Internet. Their network of agents goes to companies, malls, and homes to spread the word. The motive behind this fully-fledged marketing campaign is to enlist property buyers for all of the flats in the housing complex. In fact, some projects that are built by famous developers sell out more than 75% of their flats before they can even start the construction process.


The advantages of purchasing an under-construction house are many. First, it is the cheaper option, on average 20 to 40 percent cheaper than buying a ready-to-move house. They also have lower EMIs as they are paid while the work in still in progress. The EMI increases as the construction progresses, with the initial EMI being close to nothing. This factor is very attractive for those who have to balance a number of immediate commitments, for example, newlyweds.

The nature of transaction benefits both parties, the buyer and the seller, as buyers get their house for a cheaper price and the seller gets the buyers onboard before the project …

Buy a House With Cash

Frugality is the Name of the Game

While it’s very likely that everybody would buy their home with cash if they could, hardly anybody does. This is because most people just lack the discipline to save up.

Now, if you make 20-30 thousand dollars a year, you’re going to be waiting a long time to buy your own house, even living on the bare minimum.

But, if you are someone who makes 50 thousand or more per year, or you also have a spouse who makes just as much as you, it is very possible for you to buy your own home with cash, in a couple years.

If you can manage to save just a couple thousand a month for a period of 5 or more years, you’ll be right in range to buy a nice house all by yourself.

Benefits to Buying With Cash

The benefits to buying your home with cash are usually not afforded to those with a hefty mortgage to worry about. For instance, without a mortgage payment, you can plug more money into your retirement plan, thus bringing about your retirement earlier, or having more money to blow when it is time to call …

Sell Your House Fast in New York

With talk of interest rates rising in the near future, the buying pace has remained steady. New York’s inventory grows low, which forces buyers to wait out the time until another property goes up for sale. These conditions make prices rise as multiple bids remain common.

Although the marketplace is primed for quick sales, that fact doesn’t guarantee a perfect scenario for every seller. You may want to “sell my house fast,” but it must get noticed first. Your real-estate agent should have the property on the MLS listings and the agency’s website. Social media also plays a role as you and the agent post information about the listing. Blogs, email blasts and other Internet-based correspondence also make a difference.

During the advertising, organize the home’s interior. Remove the clutter, and clean every visible surface. Photos, videos and open houses show off the property for all of its beauty. Basic dusting, fresh paint and polished fixtures give buyers an excuse to bid on the property.

In most cases, you’ll have several bids to look over. Their amounts are certainly important, but also look at the candidates. A person who can put more down on the home or pay for it …

Know Before Flipping A House

You should fully understand precisely what the home will sell for once it’s fixed up, the expense of enhancing it, as well as the permits, contingencies in addition to your lowest profit so you may proceed to the next offer. The moment you have that worked out, only then may you recognize exactly what to offer the seller..

Capital for home flipping is available, however you may pay much more as an investor

Presently there are a great deal of loan providers available which focus in home flipping. The crucial factor to keep in mind is, you’ll be an investor, not necessarily a home buyer. As a consequence, your interest charges, even if you possess the finest credit rating, will certainly be many percentage points above even the greatest rates, at times towards double numbers. You furthermore may only be capable to finance merely 60% of the property, although many loan companies may finance as much as 130% of the purchase price in order to assure there are funds with regard to the renovating.

Get your team together

In order to be a profitable house flipper, you’ll require plenty of close friends, specifically friends who are building contractors, house inspectors, …

Flip a House For Serious Profit

Know Your Budget

The number one cause of failed house flipping is failing to keep a handle on your overall budget. You need to know exactly how much you are willing to spend and how the house you are interested in will be able to offer a solid return on your investment.

As such, never overbid for a house, no matter how appealing it may look. There will be others out there for you to buy and making a purchase that is outside your means will lead to you failing to properly renovate the house, which could lead to a failed flip.

Research Foreclosed Properties

While your estate agent will be able to help you find some potential bargains, one of your best resources is going to be companies that host a database of foreclosed houses that you should be able to get at far less than the traditional market price.

Aim to speak to banks and other lenders who will be responsible for taking ownership of a house if the previous owners have failed to keep up with their payments. They will have a list of all of the homes in their possession and will be quite keen to …

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Houses

Advantages of Buying House

  • Life time Income: One of the greatest advantages of investing in real estate is that it offers income for the entire life time. Most people buy homes and rent it out so that a considerable amount of income can be obtained.
  • Privacy: Apartments and other places lack sufficient amount of privacy. By buying houses, privacy can be ensured.
  • Space: Homes are spacious and can be decorated according to individual tastes and preferences. Renovation and maintenance can be done accordingly. It is easy and possible to control the entire property which can seldom be done in apartments.
  • Capital appreciation: Another advantage of buying house is its capital appreciation as there is a large content of land.
  • Leverages: Most people invest in real estate due to the availability of leverages. There are different ways to buy homes and properties without spending your own money. Seller financing is another method used to buy properties. Today banks provide housing loans and other facilities to encourage real estate investments.
  • Intrinsic value: One of the greatest advantages of investing in real estate is its intrinsic value. Properties seldom lose its value in the due course of time.
  • Appreciating asset: Every new house