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Promote Your Rental Properties Online

Your Own Website

It always pays to have a dedicated website. It might be costly to your thinking, but you can actually develop your own rental property website through free services. There are templates you can use guiding you from scratch to finish. The traffic it gets may not be that great at first, but with your efforts, it can be a great reservoir of potential tenants. Enrich the site with great information regarding the property for rent. Enhance it with blog entries, photos of the properties, sponsored property listings, and newsletters.


Probably one of the best avenues to promote your vacation rental property is through online listings. A lot of them are available from free to costly. Many listing sites allow you to build additional links to your rental property website. It is a good way to harvest potential tenants too.

Craigslist, a free listing site can be set to reach potential tenants that are within your community. Pictures, descriptions, and relevant information about the property for rent should be provided. Take note of when your advertisement will start to show and when it will expire. You have the option to renew the ad when expiration date is …

Determine The Rental Rate Of Your Property

Local Comparison

One way to do this would be to analyze the property within the local area. Look at the properties on the street, and compare your prices. If your charging $400 per month and the neighboring properties are charging $200 for the same property layout then you may want to consider lowering your prices. If your property is much larger however, then you have every ground to stick with your price. If your property is larger, or it has additional space such as an attic or a basement, then you should compare it to other properties within the area which have the same features. If your property is the largest on the street, charging $400 per month and other local properties charge $350, then again you should lower your prices. Just because it’s the largest on the street doesn’t mean you should charge higher prices when compared to other large properties in the area.

Property Manager

Hiring a property manager is a great way to see what the best price for your property is. They do this by calculating a huge range of possibilities, securing the optimum price depending on several factors. These factors can include the size of …